U. S. Naval Training Station, Bainbridge, Maryland

Research is currently underway on the little known Bainbridge Navy Base. During World War II, many sailors were sent to Bainbridge for basic training (boot camp). The base later served as a preparatory school for the Naval Academy. An association was formed recently to develop a memorial and to educate the public on the important role Bainbridge served throughout the years. As soon as additional information is available, and the URL for the association web site is known, this page will be updated. Many LST sailors, including my father, W. W. Worth, enlisted in the Navy and were immediately sent to Bainbridge for basic training and then directly to the U.S. Naval Amphibious Training Base, Solomons, Maryland.

Take a minute and review the images below. Each image is a scanned copy of postcards sent from the base by my father to his young sister in Miami. The postcards provide an interesting perspective on life at Bainbridge. The last image is a photograph of Dad and his buddies in Washington, DC on leave. The picture was taken in September, 1943 with the Administration building in the background.


Typical Navy Public Relations Effort

Inspection day at Bainbridge

It sure beats, "Now I lay me down to sleep..."

The guys on leave between boot camp and USNATB

Left to right: Jordan, Stevens, La Vonel?, Worth, Thompson


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