Commanding Officer F. P. Rossiter
Commanding Officer
Lt. Francis P. Rossiter

Upon Commissioning

Lieutenant Francis P. Rossiter, USNR - Commanding Officer
Ensign Donald A. Cole, USNR - Executive Officer
Ensign Albert H. Welle, USNR - Engineering Officer
Ensign Fletcher J. Long, USNR - First Lieutenant
Ensign John H. Downey, USNR - Communications Watch Officer
Ensign Clark M. Page, USNR - Gunnery Watch Officer
Ensign Robert C. London, USNR - Supply Watch Officer

Officers on Ladder

Officers on ladder
across top: Downey, Rogers, Long, Spooner
down ladder: F.P. Rossiter, Page

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Enlisted Men: (enlisted photographs)
Baker, Kenneth F. - GM3c
Baringer, Stanley P. - F1c
Baugher, Ray L. - SC3c
Benfield, Howard G. - S2c
Benzie, Arthur S. - S2c
Berwick, Harry V. - F3c (EM)
Birowski, Jesse K. - S2c (SF)
Bish, Roy W. - S2c (GM)
Bowman, Wilbert J. - BM2c
Bradensten, Herbert - MoMM2c
Brown, Ernest E. - S2c (records not on board at commissioning)
Burns, Stanley G. - F3c
Catoe, Louis H. - S2c
Coppola, Nicholas - F3c
Cotton, Thomas J. - MoMM2c
Cress, John F. - S2c (SK)
Davison, Marion - F2c
Del Prete, Rudolph P. - S2c
Detora, Pasquale L. - S2c
Dwyer, Donald G. - RM3c
Ely, Harry C. - S2c
Evans, Freeman L. - Cox
Farneth, Charles R. - F1c
Fleetwood, Jack R. - S2c
Frazier, Frederick D.- S1c (RM)
Gregory, Kenneth W. - F3c
Hanes, Robert L. - S2c
Heath, Beaman - S1c
Hudson, Francis J. - S2c
Imken, Erwin A. - PhM2c
Johnson, Harold B. - S2c
Keller, Lloyd G. - MoMM2c
Kimbrough, Carl E. - S1c
King, Hubert E. - S2c
Kirkland, Charles B. - S2c
Kirsch, Harry T. - SM3c
Kozlow, Paul J. - SF3c
Marcus, Abraham E. - Y3c
O'Connor, James L. - F3c
Olson, Marvin O. - F1c
Raymann, John E. - F3c
Reap, Robert A. - S2c
Redding, Harold L. - S2c
Ridenour, John F. - F2c
Robbins, Robert D. - S2c
Rzucidio, Stanley M. - S2c (SC)
Schutter, John F., Jr. - F3c (EM)
Sewell, Jesse W., Jr. - SC1c
Showve, William K. - F1c
Slaughter, Lloyd W., Jr. - F1c
Snook, Robert E. - S2c (SC)
Spillane, John J. - S1c (QM)
Stamey, Roy W. - S2c
Tanner, William R. - S2c (records not on board - hospital)
Turigliatto, James M. - F1c
Urnezis, Charles A. - F1c
Usrey, Theophilus B. - MoMM1c
Valley, James K. - S2c
Waldrop, Frank E. - MoMM2c
Wetherill, Richard II - S1c (QM)
Whalen, Eugene R. - S2c (RM)
Whittles, Frank X. - F3c (EM)
Worth, Wilmon W., Jr. - S2c
Young, Johnnie J. - S2c (SC)

Nucleus Crew

Ensign Dewey C. Hill
Ensign Abraham E. Marcus

Enlisted Men:
Burwinkel, John L. - F2c (MoMM)
Calderone, Leonard R. - S1c (QM)
Cohen, Jacob - SK3c
Crawley, Jack C. - AC3c
Crow, Alvin F. - F2c (MoMM)
Della Vecchia, Joseph F. - S2c
De Muro, Felix T. - F3c
Douglas, William, Jr. - S2c
Echerd, Arvelee - F3c
Harless, Charles W. - S2c
Hawkins, Sidney C. - S2c
Houck, James A., Jr. - GM3c
Mahaney, Harlo H., Jr. - S1c (SF)
Novak, Julius A. - S2c (RM)
Price, Gale C. - F3c
Rauso, Andrew A. - S2c
Scarabino, Frank P. - S2c
Slovick, LeRoy A. - F2c (MoMM)
Steedman, Robert S. - S2c (SM)
Webb, Claude M. - S2c
Wenzel, Robert J. - F2c (EM)

January 1944
Apryasz, Joseph Stanley - S1c
Ashby, Walter Edwin - S2c
Davis, Benjamin Franklin - S1c
Fancher, Lawrence Arnold - S1c
Lonzo, Arthur Edward - S2c
McLendon, Porter Excell - S2c
Welsh, Wilbert LeRoy - S1c
Wilds, William T. - S2c

February 1944
Rubenstein, Ralph Roland - RM3c
Smith, Wilson F. - S2c
Treadway, Theay L. - S2c
Trego, Trevor T. - S2c
Vaccaro, Amedo S. - S2c
West, Donald L. - Cox

Unknown Date of Arrival
Hotmer, George J. - S1c

Note: Some additional crew came on board at later dates. Their names will be added as research continues.

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